Skoda Scala 2019 RHD rear seats

Skoda Scala review

Passenger & boot space

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Passenger & boot space

How it copes with people and clutter

Front space

Even if you’re well over six-foot tall you won't feel your hair brushing the ceiling, and the seats slide back far enough to accommodate anyone long in the leg. The main difference between the Scala and its rivals, including the in-house Octavia and the Kia Ceed and Mazda 3, is that it's narrower in the front. That means you sit a tad closer to your passenger. 

Storage space is good. The front door pockets are generously sized, there’s a decent-sized glovebox, a large drawer under the front seats, a small cubby in front of the gearlever — where you can stash your phone or keys — and a sunglasses holder above the rear-view mirror. 

Rear space

Rear space in the Scala is exceptional for the class. Leg room is on a par with its bigger brother, the Octavia, which itself is bettered only slightly by the Ford Focus. And you get even more head room in the Scala, plus a couple of very comfy head rests as the cherry on top. Foot space under the front seats is generous as well. 

Although the interior is narrower than some of its rivals', none of the cars in this class are wide enough to fit three adults in the back without a little shoulder rubbing. The Scala's central floor hump is tall, but not very wide, so the middle passenger has room for his feet either side, and the seat itself isn't too perched, which makes it reasonably comfortable. 

A couple of map pockets and two door bins means there's space for odds and sods, too.

Skoda Scala 2019 RHD rear seats

Seat folding and flexibility

The Scala’s rear seat folding arrangement is a fairly conventional 60/40 split. Unlike in the Skoda Octavia, however, there are no release levers in the boot itself, so instead of being able to drop the seats while you're at the tailgate opening, you have to walk round, open the rear doors and press the release buttons at the top of the rear seats.

There’s a big step up to the folded rear seats unless you specify a car with a height-adjustable boot floor, but that's a pretty cheap option and definitely one we'd recommend.

Boot space

With the rear seats in an upright position, the Scala’s boot can take considerably more luggage than that of the Ford Focus or VW Golf — seven carry-on suitcases compared with five in those two rivals. That will be plenty for most people, but it’s worth noting that if boot space is above all else on your list of requirements, both the Honda Civic and Skoda’s own Octavia have even greater capacities.

The Scala’s boot is also a nice square shape and has plenty of bag hooks, while the load lip is nice and low if you put the optional (and as we said above, highly recommendable) adjustable boot floor in its higher setting.

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