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Mercedes-Benz GLE review

Interior layout
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Interior layout

The interior layout, fit and finish

Mercedes-Benz GLE estate driving position

Both the driver and front passenger get four-way electrically adjustable seats with adjustable lumbar support. Factor in a steering wheel that's also electrically adjustable, and you’ll have no problem getting comfortable behind the wheel.

Thanks to the many ways you can control the car's functions – via a large touchscreen, a trackpad on the centre console or buttons on the steering wheel – it’s pleasantly simple to operate everything.

Mercedes-Benz GLE estate visibility

You get a high seating position that gives a clear view of the road ahead, but the windscreen pillars are quite thick and can partially obscure your view at junctions.

In addition, because of the slightly angular and narrow rear, the view out of the back isn’t as clear as it is in some other SUVs. But you do get a reversing camera and front and rear parking sensors as standard, and the electrically folding door mirrors are a decent size.

As a bonus, all GLEs come with full LED headlights, along with adaptive high beam assist.

Mercedes GLE dashboard

Mercedes-Benz GLE estate infotainment

As we mentioned previously, all GLEs get Mercedes’ MBUX infotainment set-up, with two 12.3in screens joined together in a widescreen stretching from the driver’s display into the middle of the dashboard.

It's the same set-up seen in high-end versions of the A-Class family hatchback, and certainly looks swish and futuristic. However, the really good news is that there’s substance to match the style.

It’s packed with features, including the usual DAB radio, Bluetooth and sat-nav. Plus, it's pretty easy to operate on the move, with handy shortcut buttons and a Siri-style ‘Hey Mercedes’ voice command system.

The screens are bright and crisp, with high-quality graphics, and however you choose to operate the system, it has a fairly simple layout, despite there being quite a lot of sub-menus to navigate through for some functions.

Mercedes-Benz GLE estate build quality

The look of the interior may be appropriately swish for a luxury SUV, but what about the actual quality of it?

Well, give the dashboard a bit of a poke and a prod – particularly around the climate control panel – and it doesn't give quite the same impression of solidity as its Audi and BMW rivals. But it’s certainly not a million miles away, and the difference isn’t something that would bother you on a daily basis.

The materials are of high quality and there’s plenty of soft-touch plastic around all the major touch points.

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