2019 Audi Q5 Vorsprung review - gallery, price, specs and release date

We test the new Audi Q5 Vorsprung, the ultimate version of one of our favourite large SUVs. Is it worth the extra outlay?...

Audi Q5 Vorsprung Wheel

What you’re looking at is a £57,325 Audi Q5. Yes, you read that correctly. This is a Q5 that costs £3000 more than Audi’s seven-seat Q7 and a whopping £10,000 more than sister brand Porsche’s quicker and more exclusive Macan.

So, has Audi gone mad? Well no, not when you look at the facts. Put simply, an increasing number of SUV buyers are shunning entry-level models, instead opting for pricier trims that offer luxuries such as larger wheels, better audio systems and higher-quality leather. After all, with 80% of buyers using finance deals to pay in monthly instalments, it’s now easier to swallow a larger list price.

Audi A5 Vorsprung

Not one to miss an opportunity, Audi has seized this golden opportunity to offer buyers a new type of Q5. It's called the Vorsprung. If you recognise the name, it’s because it comes from Audi’s slogan, 'Vorsprung Durch Technik'. That's German for ‘progress through technology’, which is apt, seeing that the Q5 Vorsprung is packed full of it.

Audi Q5 Vorsprung Rear

But first we’ll tackle what’s visually different, because how else are your neighbours going to know that you spent nearly £60k on your new Audi?

Walking up to the Vorsprung, the most noticeable difference between it and lesser models are the huge 21in wheels, which are cleverly colour-coordinated with the Manhattan Grey two-tone bumpers. Combined with the blacked-out grille, window strips and roof rails from the closely priced Black Edition, there's simply no mistaking the Vorsprung for a lesser Q5.

Q5 Vorsprung Kick Plates

Now, most of the standard luxuries on the Vorsprung are genuinely useful. For example, the Matrix LED headlights not only look great but are also impressively bright. However, one addition we can’t quite get our heads around is the massive running boards.

Often seen on tall pick-up trucks, these are designed to help you climb inside. But the Q5 isn’t a tall pick-up, so when you use them, you end up having to duck your head to get inside. Even our shortest tester of 5ft 4in found them to be more of a nuisance than a help, and it's all too easy to get the back of your leg mucky from them.

Audi Q5 Vorsprung Steering Wheel

Surprisingly, there are no Vorsprung badges inside, but there are enough touches to remind you of your sizeable investment. Everything is covered in leatherette, including the centre console, plus there’s an extended LED lighting pack that looks great at night and understated Grey Oak trim on the dashboard.

B&O Speakers

Audiophiles will also be pleased to see the standard fitting of Bang & Olufsen’s brilliant 755-watt sound system, which features 19 loudspeakers, a subwoofer and a 16-channel amplifier. The result is a stereo that's rich in detail with lashings of deep, rumbling bass.

However, this is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the list of tech packed into the Vorsprung... 

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