2019 Kia Ceed GT review - gallery, price, specs and release date

Is the Kia Ceed GT warm hatch the most entertaining version of the Korean brand's family car? Click through our gallery review to find out...

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Doug Revolta
24 January 2019

Kia Ceed GT

To understand exactly what the Kia Ceed GT is, let’s talk temperatures.

In the world of performance-focused hatchbacks, it’s common to use heat as a marker for describing just how performance-focused they actually are. Properly fast hatches are hot, those that are moderately quick but won't have your eyes on stalks are warm.

So, for some context, if the 316bhp Honda Civic Type R is a raging inferno that will cover 0-62mph in 5.8sec, the Kia Ceed GT, with a relatively modest 201bhp and 0-62mph time of 7.2sec, is more like a hand dryer.


Still, there's more to life than power and speed; sporty hatches of any temperature can be a hit as long as they offer entertaining driving dynamics, and obviously it helps if they're reasonably priced.


The Ceed GT sits as a kind of halo model at the top of the Ceed five-door hatchback line-up, flaunting sporty looks and claiming a reasonable turn of speed. To signal the extra spice, it receives visual tweaks including a new front bumper with larger air intakes...

Kia Ceed GT

...and this GT badge on the front grille.


As for mechanical differences from the standard Ceed, the GT gets a slightly firmer suspension set-up that lowers the ride height by 5mm. It certainly feels more agile, with fluid, precise steering and a chassis that will happily dart from corner to corner on a twisting B-road. Granted, if you push on, you’ll find a chassis that's set up more for stability than playfulness, but there’s certainly no lack of grip.


Better yet, the ride doesn’t suffer too much as a result of the firmer springs. When it comes to the suspension, Kia seems to have found find a sweet spot between comfort and driver reward.

Kia Ceed GT

The GT also has upgraded brakes, 18in alloy wheels and impressively grippy Michelin Pilot Sport 4 tyres in its go-faster armoury, but does its engine have what it takes to turn the temperature dial up a notch?

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