6. Peugeot 3008

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05 March 2009

6. Peugeot 3008

Here is the Peugeot 3008: a rival for the hugely successful Nissan Qashqai.

The Peugeot is based on the 308 hatchback and takes a lot of styling hints from the Prologue concept car which was one of the hits of 2008's Paris motor show.

Power plants and drivetrains
The 3008 combines various features usually seen in MPVs, saloons and SUVs. It is 9cm longer and 11cm taller than a 308, but with a shorter front overhang and more space behind the rear wheels to allow for a larger boot. The car also sits 35mm higher above the ground than the 308.

Power comes from 120bhp and 150bhp 1.6-litre petrol turbo engines, and a 110bhp 1.6-litre turbodiesel with CO2 emissions of just 130g/km. There will also be a new 150bhp 2.0-litre diesel engine.

The 3008 is front-wheel-drive, but an optional five-position switch similar to Land Rover's Terrain Response system can adjust the standard stability control to give you more traction on muddy surfaces, or other challenging terrain.

In 2011, Peugeot will add a four-wheel-drive diesel-electric hybrid that develops 200bhp, yet will have CO2 emissions of just 109g/km. The diesel engine sends power to the front wheels while the electric motor drives the rears once again, similar to a system being developed by Land Rover.

The chassis comes from the 308, but has been retuned to suit the taller, heavier 3008. The 150bhp petrol and diesel models have hydraulically-coupled rear shock absorbers to limit the amount of body lean when cornering.

Inside and out
Novelties for tech lovers include a pop-up glass pane behind the steering wheel to provide a head-up display of essential driver information, including the gap (in seconds) to the car ahead.

The styling makes the 3008 look similar to a scaled-down 4007 - Peugeot's large SUVs based on the Mitsubishi Outlander.

There's plenty of space for five people and their luggage, and the split rear seats and front passenger seat fold flat. There's also a three-position boot floor, allowing dirty or valuable items to be hidden from view.

Trim quality is a notch or two up on the already high levels of the 308. The unique dashboard houses a row of smart recessed toggle switches, while there's a triangular leather-covered grab handle in the centre console.

Sales details
The car is appearing in public for the first time here in Geneva and will go on sale in UK in October. It is likely to carry a 1000 premium over a comparable 308 hatch.

Peugeot has confirmed that a conventional seven-seat compact MPV based on the 308 is also in the pipeline.

Why it's so good Innovative, practical and not that far from going on sale, this car has the practicality to vie for accolades for years to come.