How to spec a Nissan Juke

Our guide to Nissan's smallest SUV covers which options to choose, which to avoid, and how much to pay for it all...

Nissan Juke options to choose and avoid

How to spec a Nissan Juke

The Nissan Juke is a funky small SUV with standout looks, but there's more to its appeal than just style. First off, it comes loaded with safety equipment, with automatic emergency braking and lane-departure warning systems both coming as standard. Secondly, it's much, much better to drive than the old car, offering reasonable grip through corners and managing to take the sting out of most lumps and bumps in the road. There are more well-rounded small SUVs – including our current Car of the Year, the Ford Puma – but if you're looking for a small SUV with lots of kit and a reasonable price tag, then the Juke is a decent choice.

Our full 16-point review can tell you more about what the Juke is like to live with, but here we're concentrating on what you should pick from the options list. If you've followed our recommendation and chosen N-Connecta trim, then you'll already have the essentials including climate control and keyless entry and start, but here's how to add more luxury without breaking the bank.

Nissan Juke options to choose

Nissan Juke with paint upgrade

1. Paintwork upgrade (£575)

Flame Red paintwork is standard on the Juke, but there's a plethora of other options to choose from. We'd recommend going for one of these upgraded options, since they're likely to add value to your car as well as helping you to stand out on the school run. The cheapest costs just £250, but we'd go for one of the mid-range £575 options. Be wary, too, because you can end up spending up to £1145 on a two-tone option if you're not careful.

Nissan Juke options to choose

Nissan Juke alloy wheel

2. Spare wheel (£100)

Although N-Connecta versions of the Juke come with a puncture repair kit as standard, these only really work if the damage to your tyre is small. For larger punctures, and for general peace of mind, we'd recommend opting for the full spare wheel, which will ensure you can continue your journey if the worst happens.

Nissan Juke options to choose

Nissan Juke centre console

3. Heat Pack (£295)

It might be summer right now, but when autumn and winter roll around you'll be grateful for Nissan's Heat Pack, which brings heated seats and a heated windscreen. The latter will clear your vision faster than conventional blowers will, while the former will keep your buttocks toasty while you wait.

Nissan Juke options to choose

Nissan Juke camera system

4. Advanced Safety Shield Pack (£1000)

Key safety tech such as automatic emergency braking is already included on the Juke, but this pack takes it up a notch with a 360-degree camera to help you park in tight urban streets, plus lane-keeping assistance and automatic cruise control to help make long journeys less arduous. You also get a blind-spot monitoring system and rear cross traffic alert to keep a watchful eye out for other vehicles. It's an expensive choice, but one we think it worth going for.

Nissan Juke options to choose

Nissan Juke floor mat

5. Reversible Trunkliner (£82)

The modern small SUV has a lot asked of it – and if you'll be asking yours to transport kids, pets and muddy boots then this boot liner is a good idea. One side is velour, the other is hard-wearing rubber, plus it can all be removed so you can scrub it down between washes.

Nissan Juke options to avoid

Nissan Juke 19in alloy wheel

1. 19in alloy wheels (£580)

As standard, the Juke comes on 17in alloy wheels, and these make for a mostly comfortable ride. We'd avoid going for the larger 19in option, because this means you're likely to feel more lumps and bumps in the surface of the road. Plus they're an expensive choice.

Best buy: Nissan Juke

Nissan Juke long-term tracking
  • Model - Nissan Juke 1.0 DiG-T N-Connecta
  • List price - £21,035
  • Target Price - £19,737
  • Target PCP - £232 per month
  • Options we'd add - Advanced Safety Shield Pack (£1000), Paintwork upgrade (£575), Heat Pack (£295), Spare wheel (£100), Reversible Trunkliner (£82)
  • Cost of options - £2052

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