Kia Cee'd face-lift revealed

* Updated styling * Interior upgrades * On sale in October...

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What Car? Staff
14 July 2009

Kia Cee'd face-lift revealed

This is the new face of the Kia Cee'd.

Kia has revealed details of the updated model, which includes a range of cosmetic and mechanical changes.

The most obvious difference is the revised front-end styling, with a redesigned bonnet and bumper, and the new Kia corporate grille.

A new centre console and an upgraded stereo with Bluetooth make up the interior updates.

Mechanical changes, too
As well as changes to the suspension for an improved ride and better handling balance, the Cee'd will have an updated engine range.

The current 2.0-litre diesel model will be dropped, but the more powerful of the two 1.6-litre diesel units will get extra power to compensate.

The biggest news, however, is the introduction of a new engine stop-start system. Kia calls it 'Idle Stop and Go' (ISG) and says that it brings a reduction in CO2 emissions and fuel consumption of up to 15%.

ISG is expected to be available on the Cee'd's 1.4- and 1.6-litre petrol engines and should boost fuel economy for the smaller engine to more than 50mpg. The lower-powered 1.6 diesel is also expected to be available with the system, which should drop CO2 emissions to below 110g/km.

Prices for the revised Cee'd haven't been announced, but Kia says that they'll be slightly higher than the current car's. We expect the entry-level model to still cost less than £12,000, however.

The car will be revealed in full at the Frankfurt motor show in September and goes on sale in the UK in October.