Kia e-Niro long-term test review

What's the first-ever electric winner of our Car of the Year title like to live with? We find out...

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Jim Holder
11 June 2019

Kia e-Niro long-term test
  • The car Kia e-Niro First Edition
  • Run by Jim Holder, editorial director
  • Why it’s here To find out just how good the first fully electric What Car? Car of the Year really is
  • Needs to Do everything a conventional SUV can do, without compromises

Price £32,995 (after grant) Price as tested £33,560 Miles covered 6128 Official range 282 miles Test economy 268 miles Options Premium paint (£565)

10 June – The new car that's yet to cost us a penny to own

No sooner had the Kia e-Niro been crowned What Car? Car of the Year than it was sold out – the limited supply of just more than 1000 vehicles snapped up before one of the cars allocated to the UK had even rolled off the ship delivering them.

That’s deeply frustrating for us and Kia, of course – because we’d like to see more people able to take advantage of this ground-breaking car’s combination of ability and price, and because Kia would like to get more examples out on the road with happy customers.

The good news is that the log-jam of deliveries, caused in large part by a delay in ramping up battery production around the world, and which is far from unique to Kia, is set to ease shortly. Today, though, the best estimate is that an order would take 12 months to deliver.

No question, that’s too long, but the upside for those quick enough out of the blocks is that the pent up demand is helping the cars maintain their values in a way that no other Kia – or indeed many premium branded cars – ever have before.

Kia e-Niro Car of the Year

An online search revealed no e-Niros available on the most popular online marketplaces, but some retailers suggested that they can get nearly-new examples for exactly the price the car cost new. Now, given most e-Niros are barely three months old and will have less than 5000 miles on the clock that may seem logical – but that’s forgetting the old adage that when you drive most new cars off a forecourt they instantly lose about 25% of their value.

More supply – and competition – will dent that appeal, of course, but it is interesting that the raft of new electric car launches announced since the e-Niro went on sale have yet to get close to its range and price equation. Only the Tesla Model 3 gets close in my estimation, and then for a variety of slightly different reasons.

Six months on from our awards, and it’s clear the Kia’s popularity is going to endure for a while yet.

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