New Range Rover Velar vs Range Rover Sport

The new Velar is Land Rover's latest luxury SUV, but how does it stack up against the larger Range Rover Sport?...

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Darren Moss
28 July 2016

New Range Rover Velar vs Range Rover Sport

New Range Rover Velar vs Range Rover Sport – interior and equipment

New Range Rover Velar vs Range Rover Sport

You'll have plenty of space to get comfortable in both of these SUV leviathans, although entry-level versions of the Velar make do with eight-way manual seat adjustment, as opposed to the 20-way electric adjustment you'll find on top-spec models. Finding a comfortable driving position is something we've praised in the Sport and the truth is that, even after a long stint at the wheel, you should emerge from both cars feeling fresh.

You'll also have no shortage of storage space. In the Sport, there's a split-folding glovebox that gives you an extra place to store your odds and ends, in addition to under the centre armrest and in the deep door pockets. The Velar doesn't have said glovebox but does offer much of the same elsewhere.

The Sport's gear selector is a stick on the centre console, whereas the Velar apes the more luxurious Range Rover in using a rotary dial that rises majestically from the centre console when you start the engine. Both cars come with a multitude of options for going off road, too, but while the Sport uses buttons surrounding its gear lever, the Velar features a secondary touchscreen that we've found fiddly to use on the move.

New Range Rover Velar vs Range Rover Sport – infotainment

New Range Rover Velar vs Range Rover Sport

Here's where the Sport and Velar are most similar, because both run the same version of Land Rover's Touch Pro infotainment and navigation system, presented on a 10.0in touchscreen. In the Sport, we've found that the touchscreen can be slow to respond to your inputs, although its logical menus make finding what you need easy. There's even a 'commute' function that learns the routes you take most often and gives you live traffic updates.

At first glance, the Velar's dual-screen set-up (well, three-screen if you count the configurable digital one) can look confusing, but it brings a minimalist look to the interior that's likely to appeal to potential buyers. Trouble is, our experience has shown that using the two screens on the move can be distracting.

Both cars allow you to control most major functions using the steering wheel, which helps to keep your eyes on the road.