New Range Rover Velar vs Range Rover Sport

The new Velar is Land Rover's latest luxury SUV, but how does it stack up against the larger Range Rover Sport?...

28 July 2016
New Range Rover Velar vs Range Rover Sport

New Range Rover Velar vs Range Rover Sport – space and practicality

New Range Rover Velar vs Range Rover Sport

Both the Velar and the Sport are classed as large SUVs and, as such, both offer plenty of room inside for both passengers and luggage. Front space is very good in both, although the wider Sport gives taller adults more of a chance to stretch out.

Move to the rear seats and, although the Velar offers plenty of head room, leg room isn't quite so generous. Two six-footers can sit behind each other, but there'll be limited space between their knees and the back of the seat in front. In the Sport, by comparison, two adults can stretch out comfortably. In either car, though, introducing a third person onto the rear bench will make everyone feel cramped.

Both cars also come with folding rear seats – and in the Sport's case, this extends to its two rear-most seats in the third row. The Velar's second row splits 40/20/40, and there are handy levers inside the boot to help you drop those seats into position. In terms of raw boot space, you'll fit more into the Sport, but the lack of a split tailgate means that reaching into a full boot to retrieve an item can be tricky. The Velar's space is bigger than that of a Porsche Macan or BMW X4, and while its loading height is quite high, there's only a small lip down to the boot floor.

New Range Rover Velar vs Range Rover Sport – costs

New Range Rover Velar vs Range Rover Sport

In terms of running costs, the most fuel-efficient Velar, the D180 diesel, returns a claimed 52.2mpg with CO2 emissions of 142g/km. The Sport, meanwhile, in its greenest SD4 form, returns 45.6mpg with CO2 emissions of 164g/km. The Velar will be kinder to your wallet in terms of fuel and tax, then, and it's a similar story when looking at outright purchase price. You'll need at least £44,830 in the bank before owning a Velar and £60,015 before you can opt for the Sport.

As we've found, though, it is possible to almost double the price of either car through options, of which Land Rover offers plenty. We recommend the On-Off Road pack in the Sport, which brings you adaptive xenon headlights, body-coloured side sills and bumper corners, as well as an uppgraded sound system, but our favourite HSE specification gets you most of the kit you're going to want. In the Velar, it's the S trim that we recommend, which comes with 19in alloy wheels, sat-nav, a rear-view camera and a powered tailgate.

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