New Renault Clio and Captur E-Tech hybrids revealed: price, specs and release date

New Clio small hatch and Captur SUV get fuel-saving hybrid technology...

Renault Clio E-tech front

On sale: June | Price from: £18,500 (est)

The Renault Clio is undoubtedly a stylish option if you’re looking for a small car, but buyers haven’t been able to marry those catwalk looks with the low running costs of a hybrid – until now. 

The Clio E-Tech is Renault’s answer to the fashion-conscious buyer who wants to do their bit for Mother Earth. It can travel on electric power alone for up to 80% of a typical urban journey – the same figure touted by the rival Toyota Yaris Hybrid – at speeds of up to 38mph. It should also save you money, because fuel economy is improved by up to 40% compared with conventionally powered Clio variants.

Renault Clio E-tech interior

The Clio E-Tech can be driven in electric mode over very short distances at the push of a button, but its electric motor works in conjunction with a 1.6-litre petrol engine the vast majority of the time, with the two producing a combined 140bhp.

To differentiate it from its regular brethren, the Clio E-Tech gets a different rear bumper – with E-Tech badging – and an optional paint pack. Inside, the Clio’s 7.0in digital instrument display features new graphics that show you how the electric motor is being used or when the system is harvesting energy normally lost during braking and feeding it back into the battery.

Renault Captur E-tech front

The Clio isn’t the only Renault to have received eco treatment, because a plug-in hybrid version of the Captur small SUV has also been revealed. The Captur E-Tech can officially run on electric power alone for up to 30 miles. As an added bonus, if you’re in need of a sudden burst of speed, its two electric motors and 1.6-litre petrol engine can deploy all of their power for short bursts – useful when overtaking, for example. This plug-in hybrid Captur returns 188mpg and emits 34g/km of CO2 on the WLTP test.

Prices for both cars are yet to be announced, but the Clio E-Tech is expected to cost from around £18,500 and the Captur E-Tech from around £22,000.

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