New Vauxhall Crossland X & Renault Captur vs Suzuki Vitara

Vauxhall has added a new small SUV, the Crossland X, to its range. Is it better than the freshly updated Renault Captur and class-leading Suzuki Vitara?...

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What Car? team
08 September 2016

Behind the wheel

Driving position, visibility, build quality

All three have height and reach-adjustable steering wheels and driver’s seats that can be raised or lowered, but the Vitara has the best driving position. The Captur gets marked down for a gear lever that’s too low and the Crossland X for accelerator and brake pedals that are too far to the right, as well as a steering wheel with too many buttons. The Crossland X is the only one available with adjustable lumbar support, although all three have fairly comfortable seats.

New Vauxhall Crossland X & Renault Captur vs Suzuki Vitara

But it’s the Captur that has the most inviting interior. Whereas the inside of the pre-facelifted car was a sea of hard, scratchy plastic, this updated model has welcome soft-touch plastics on the tops of the doors and dashboard.

The Crossland X initially impresses with its soft-touch dashboard and classy chrome detailing. But while the bits you touch the most are nicely finished, the heater controls are mounted on a particularly flimsy piece of plastic that bends when pushed.

New Vauxhall Crossland X & Renault Captur vs Suzuki Vitara

If we’re being brutally honest, the Vitara’s interior feels about a decade old in comparison with its two rivals. The plastics used are durable, but their shiny finish is a real throwback. Still, all the buttons feel solid.