Next Mercedes C-Class to get hybrid

* Next Mercedes C-Class will come with a hybrid option * Three-cylinder engines ruled out * Set to appear at 2014 Geneva motor show...

Next Mercedes C-Class to get hybrid

The next all-new Mercedes C-Class will arrive in 2014 with a hybrid and smaller capacity combustion engine, but no three-cylinder option, according to Dr. Dieter Zetsche, chairman of Daimler AG and head of Mercedes-Benz.

Zetsche admitted that Mercedes had 'fallen behind in terms of CO2 output, sometime back around 2006, but this phase is behind us and there are quite a lot of areas where we are now setting the benchmark [for efficiency]. The new C-Class will take the lead in this respect, too.'

He wouldnt elaborate on the details of the hybrid engine, but its likely to be a development of the 2.1-litre diesel-electric hybrid that currently produces 201bhp and 109g/km in the bigger E-Class.

The combustion engine line-up is likely to include units produced from the companys tie-up with Renault, but Zetsche said that all engines would be 'specifically developed by Mercedes'.

New gearboxes will also be critical to efficiency gains in the new C-Class, with an eight-speed automatic likely to become a key feature.

Despite Mercedes ambition to save weight on its new cars, the new C-Class will not use light but expensive alloy body panels as seen in the Mercedes SL and Jaguar products. Zetsche maintains that: 'For the volume vehicles, intelligent use of steel makes more sense.'

The new Mercedes C-Class will be unveiled at the Geneva motor show in 2014.

By Vicky Parrott