Nissan Juke gets more efficient diesel

* Crossover gets more efficient 1.5-litre diesel * Fuel economy rises to 67.3mpg; 109g/km CO2 * On sale now; starting price unchanged at 14,895...

Nissan Juke gets more efficient diesel

The Nissan Juke is now available with a cleaner, more efficient version of its 1.5-litre diesel engine.

Average economy for the 1.5 dCi rises to 67.3mpg (from 58.9mpg) and CO2 emissions fall to 109g/km (from 124g/km).

That adds around 80 miles of range for every tank of fuel, and cuts 85 from the car's annual road tax bill.

Company car drivers on the lower-rate tax band should see their annual liability drop by around 90 compared with the previous version's cost.

The new 1.5 gets a modest increase in torque and its engine noise has been reduced the latter should help to address one of our criticisms of the diesel Juke.

It also gets stop-start technology, which was previously available on only the petrol models.

The new Nissan Juke 1.5 dCi is on sale now, with prices starting at 14,895 for entry-level Visia trim.

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By Ed Callow