Our cars update: Kia Ceed

* Disappointing seats * Material feels too cheap * New challenges coming...

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What Car? Staff
24 Oct 2008 15:0 | Last updated: 14 Jun 2018 0:3

Kia Ceed SW 1.6 CRDi 89 GS
List price
Target price 12,682
Run by Alex Jenner-Fust
Tested for 4 months/4000 miles

Its not surprising I dont feel comfortable behind the wheel with a baby in the way, but Im not alone in finding the Ceeds seats disappointing; feedback from others confirm theyre more Primark than Prada.

Admittedly, at this price we shouldnt expect the luxury youd find in a Volvo, but the combination of cheap materials and simple packaging dont make for relaxed motoring.
The all shook up feeling is only enhanced by the overly firm ride. My journeys on the patchworked roads of South-West London keep the baby on its toes, and I hope that if it sleeps through this, it will sleep through anything.

These gripes havent stopped people borrowing it: with lots of room and an economical engine, its a popular choice for anyone moving house or going on holiday.

However, the sharing stops here, because Ill keep the Kia while Im on maternity leave, and will give it (and myself) a series of new challenges. From fitting a child seat to loading the boot with the hundred-weight of gear that seems to go with a baby on even short trips, itll be just like the Olympics and no one expects a gold medal winner to look comfortable, do they?