The 10 cheapest new SUVs you can buy

Think all SUVs are expensive? Well, these models might make you think again – especially after you've factored in our Target Price discounts...

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One of the reasons why SUVs are so popular is that they offer a lot of what new car buyers are looking for, including a feeling of safety, a high driving position and lots of space.

The downside? In a lot of cases, they're more expensive than their family car counterparts. So, what if you're looking for one on a budget?

Here, we name the 10 cheapest new SUVs you can buy in the UK and show you how much you can save on each one of them with our Target Price discounts.

If any of the cars on this list do appeal, you can follow the review links to read more about the car or click on the deals link to discover more discounts with our free New Car Deals service.