The winners

The winners


Winner (by model)

Toyota Prius
Score 90.1%

The Toyota Prius had to share the limelight with the Lexus IS last year, but this time it's head and shoulders above the rest of the field.
Toyota's take on eco-friendliness obviously has a strong element of owner-friendliness, too - it earned the top 'excellent' rating from owners in every single category.

No matter what aspect of the Prius you look at, it shines. From reliability to interior quality and the driving experience, barely any criticism was made of the car.

Prius owners were also falling over themselves to praise dealers, and the low running costs only helped to broaden the grins on their faces.

This victory is a near-perfect study in how to make a motorist happy.

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Winner (by manufacturer)

Score 86.6%
Lexus owners are super-satisfied. They're so happy with their cars' performance, so delighted with their dealers and grinning so much about vehicle quality and appeal that the brand has come out top in the manufacturer league table once again.

It isn't just the second or third year in a row, either - Lexus has been in the top spot for an unbroken run of no fewer than eight years.

If that isn't a resounding enough slap on the back for Lexus, it's even more amazing when you consider that it has never appeared anywhere but this top spot.

Table: results by manufacturer