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The top 10 most reliable superminis in our 2012 Reliability Survey are among the most dependable cars around.

As well as taking first place in this category, the Vauxhall Agila had the best (lowest) Reliability Index rating in the entire survey, at 3 . Its 9% fail rate and is among the lowest, too, while the average repair bill is a paltry 43.

Skoda fares well in our annual JD Power customer satisfaction survey and the latest Skoda Fabia is the second most reliable supermini in our survey. Its owners ought to be a happy bunch, thanks to a Reliability Index rating of just 15 and average repair bills of just 100.

Honda's first-place ranking as a brand was helped by the Jazz ('01-'08), which has an incredibly low fail rate of just 6%. Average repair bills of 252 bump its Reliability Index rating up to 16, but that's still enough for it to take third place.

Toyota has an excellent reputation for reliability, and there are two Yaris models in the supermini top 10. The '06-'11 model takes fifth place in the supermini category, thanks to a Reliability Index rating of just 11, while the '03'-05 version finishes in eighth.

The Mini Cooper ('01-'09) is the villain of the piece. It's the worst-rated supermini, due to a Reliability Index rating of 162 and average repair bills of 392.

Top 10 most reliable superminis (by Reliability Index rating
1 Vauxhall Agila ('00-'08) 3
2 Skoda Fabia ('07-) 15
3 Honda Jazz ('01-'08) 16
4 Seat Ibiza ('06-'09) 19
5 Toyota Yaris ('06-'11) 30
6 Kia Rio ('01-'05) 35
7 Mazda 2 ('03-'07) 56
8 Toyota Yaris ('03-'05) 56
9 Volkswagen Lupo ('99-'05) 69
10 Mitsubishi Colt ('04-) 73

Mini Cooper ('01-'09) 162

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