Volkswagen Passat

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Volkswagen Passat

The new VW Passat has just been unveiled here in Paris. Both the saloon and the estate version are just a few months away from UK showrooms, and the order book opens next month, when prices are announced.

What's new?
Although Volkswagen is calling this the new MKVII Passat, it's actually based on the existing model.

The new car is much more than just a face-lift, though. For a start there's the completely fresh look every panel on the car is different apart from the roof.

A new grille with chrome fins dominates the front end, and the larger headlights also feature LED running lights.

There's also a revised interior, with new dashboard dials and trim options.

Both saloon and estate versions are slightly longer the outgoing Passat, but boot sizes remain identical.

Engines also remain the same, meaning you'll have the choice of three petrol and three diesels.

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Clever features
The new car can also be specced with clever new seats that can cool as well as warm occupants they can even give the driver and front passenger a massage.

The boot opens automatically if you wave your foot under the rear bumper, too.

There's also an optional emergency braking function - part of the Automatic Distance Control (ADC) system - which automatically brakes at speeds below 18 mph, if an unavoidable collision it detected.

The system can accelerate the car automatically, too, if it detects an imminent rear-end collision providing the road ahead is clear.

When can I buy one?
The order book opens next month, and first deliveries are expected in January.