2019 Honda CR-V Hybrid verdict

The Honda CR-V Hybrid has banished diesel power from the range, but does it offer the performance and economy that large SUV buyers expect?...

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Max Adams
16 November 2017

Honda CR-V hybrid

By rights, this hybrid version of the CR-V is the one Honda should have launched first. It's much more efficient than the regular petrol, as well as quieter when cruising.

True, the added weight of the batteries means it doesn't handle as well, but that isn't a deal-breaker, considering the petrol also falls well short of the class leaders in this area. 

However, there are a couple of reasons why the CR-V Hybrid still isn't quite the diesel replacement that Honda claims it to be.

Its braked towing rating is significantly lower than the 2000kg of the old diesel, at just 750kg for both the front-wheel-drive and four-wheel-drive variants. And it's not just diesel CR-Vs that can tow more; the rival four-wheel-drive Toyota RAV4 Hybrid manages 1650kg.

What's more, the CR-V Hybrid will cost you more to buy than our recommended RAV4 – despite emitting more CO2 – and the best diesel alternatives.

So, if you mostly drive in urban conditions and need a spacious large SUV, the front-wheel-drive CR-V Hybrid makes some sense, but the RAV4 looks the better option.

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Rated 4 out of 5

2019 Honda CR-V Hybrid 2WD SR specification

Price £31,565 Engine 4cyl, 1993cc, hybrid petrol Power 181bhp at 6200rpm Torque 232lb ft at 4000rpm Gearbox CVT automatic 0-62mph 8.8sec Top speed 108mph Economy: 40.9mpg (WLTP combined, maximum) CO2, tax band: 120g/km, 25% 

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