Audi A3 emits just 99g/km

* Impressive 74.3mpg economy * Just one trim and size available * Priced 18,005...

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Andy Pringle
23 December 2009

Audi A3 emits just 99g/km

Audi has today launched a new ultra-low CO2 version of its A3 hatchback that emits just 99g/km and averages over 74mpg.

That makes it the cleanest and most economical premium small hatchback, beating anything that arch-rivals BMW or Mercedes have to offer.

It achieves these figures thanks to a variety of measures such as a start-stop system, improved aerodynamics, reduced ride height and a revised final drive ratio.

However, this combination is available in just one version of the A3: a three-door hatchback in standard trim with a five-speed manual gearbox, which costs 18,005. The car is available to order now.

Engine available without modifications
Other versions of the A3 with the same engine (in more than just the basic trim, but without the eco-friendly modifications) remain on sale, but aren't quite as clean, averaging 68.9mpg and emitting 109g/km CO2.

The new model matches their performance, hitting 60mph in 11.4 seconds and going on to a top speed of 121mph, but it costs just over 500 more than regular 1.6 TDI model in the same trim.

It will also incur the same 13% company car tax liability as the regular 1.6 TDI-engined cars, but it will save its owners money thanks to its improved economy and lower road tax costs.