Bentley Continental GTC Speed

* Superfast Bentley driven * 150k grand tourer * Ultimate footballer's car...

Bentley Continental GTC Speed

Price: From 153,400
You'll like The power and the glory
You won't You'll need plenty of win bonuses to run one

Back in the roaring '20s, a group of wealthy playboys known as the Bentley Boys sped around in drop-head sports cars causing mayhem and generally living the life of Riley.

Today, it's the Premiership boys making the headlines and you can guarantee they'll be queuing up for the new Bentley GTC Speed.

With a 6.0-litre twin-turbocharged W12 engine tuned to produce 600bhp, specially calibrated steering, lowered and stiffened suspension, massive 20-inch alloys and rifled bellowing exhaust tailpipes, the Speed treatment adds a healthy dose of attitude to the old-world elegance of the GTC convertible.

Put the right pedal under some serious pressure and a tidal wave of torque flings 2.4 tonnes of GTC to 60mph in just 4.8sec, while you'll be soaring past the 100mph mark only 5.8sec later.

Hang onto your comb-over on a lengthy stretch of Johnny Foreigner's autobahn and you'll be hitting 195mph before the engine eventually runs out of steam.

Thankfully, none of this venom detracts from the GTC's exemplary road manners. There's very little in the way of scuttle shake thanks to more bracing than a Victorian bodice emporium, while the air-suspension and four-wheel drive provide great comfort and control.

On top of this, a triple-skinned electric roof it even features a built-in interior light does a brilliant job of eliminating wind noise.

No doubt, as soon as the big yellow fellow gets his hat on you'll be dropping the lid and luxuriating in herds of leather, some of the finest craftsmanship in motoring and lots of reflected glory. Just make sure you specify the optional wind diffuser because it can get quite blustery without it

At this sort of money almost everything comes as standard, although if your name is Wayne or Cristiano, you may want to specify the world's loudest Naim stereo so you can wake up sleepy Cheshire on your way to work.