Best and worst cars overall 2016

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Best and worst cars overall 2016

Best car overall
BMW 1 Series Coup

Second best Land Rover Defender
Third best Alfa Romeo Mito

It seems no one regrets buying a 1 Series Coup. Not a single reader on gave the car less than four stars overall, and the vast majority dished out a full five-star verdict.

Almost every review raved about how brilliant the Coup is to drive: The last car I had fun driving was my old Mazda MX-5 but the 1 Series Coup is built for driving pleasure, said owner Jason Tang. Throw it at a winding road and youll grin the entire way! said Kiran Naidu. It puts a smile on my face every time
I get behind the wheel, said Stephen Hayward.

That driving pleasure didnt usually cause you much pain at the pumps, either. I havent been driving like an old Sunday driver, but my average fuel consumption is a touch under 59mpg, said Ian Greer, the owner of 118d Sport.

Complaints were few and far between, but a few reader reviews criticised the
limited rear head- and legroom.

Jason said: My only qualm is the lack of space in the back if BMW lengthened the car by 30mm, it would be perfect.

Worst car overall
Ford Focus CC

Second worst Peugeot 807
Third worst Vauxhall Zafira

Ford should be glad to see the back of the CC when the all-new Focus arrives next spring, because youve voted this model, with its folding hardtop, your least favourite car for the second year running.

The biggest number of complaints stemmed from leaky roofs, which prompted over half of readers to give a damning one-star verdict. One-time owner Linsey Hogg said: Brilliant until it started to rain. The leak started on the drivers side, but progressed to the passengers side and into the back seats. Beverley Lloyd had a similar experience. The roof leaked the first time it rained, and the problem took four weeks to sort out! Now its leaking again.

More recent reviews have improved, however, which suggests Ford may have got to the bottom of the leaking top. Owner Rhys Lewis said: My car has been through plenty of rain and has experienced no leaks. Im glad I didnt listen those people who slated the car.

James Kapherr is also a happy owner, and recently gave his Focus CC a five-star rating: I did notice the odd drip from the roof, but only when I put the roof down when it was -3 degrees outside. The seals must have been stiff. Otherwise the roof has been fine, he said.