Best and worst manufacturer

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Best and worst manufacturer

Best manufacturer
Skoda is on the up you voted the Octavia your favourite small family car, and theres clearly more to come from the brand.

The Superb and Fabia Estate, for example, have already received some impressive scores, but werent eligible to win their classes because the number of reviews they need to qualify hasnt yet been reached.

Even the Roomster MPV your least favourite model in the current Skoda line-up scored four stars overall and finished fourth in the MPV class.

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Thats a deeply impressive endorsement from the readers of What Car?

Worst manufacturer
Saab's new owner, Spkyer, will be hoping the new 9-5 impresses you more than the ageing 9-3. More than 200 of you reviewed the saloon, estate and convertible versions of the 9-3, giving it decidedly average verdicts.

The old 9-5 isnt included because its no longer on sale, but even its ratings wouldnt have lifted Saab off the bottom of our table.