Best and worst older executive cars for reliability

If you want an executive or luxury car but can't afford new, there are plenty of used models around. Find out which are the most and least reliable examples aged 4-10 years...

Audi A6 Saloon

5. Audi A6 2004-2011

What Car? reliability rating 73.1%

A whopping 44% of older A6s had a problem. The most common related to the engine and non-engine electrics (11%), followed by the air conditioning, battery, bodywork, brakes, exhaust, interior trim and exterior lights. More than a third of the cars we were told about were rendered undriveable, and repair bills ranged from less than £50 to £1000. 

Used Volvo V60 2010-2018

What Car? reliability rating 72.5%

More than 36% of V60s had a fault. The main gremlin was the engine electrics, followed by the bodywork, battery, brakes, engine, exhaust and wheels. Although most cars were still driveable and some were fixed for free, other bills ranged from £51 to £750.  

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3. Volkswagen Passat 2005-2015

Volkswagen Passat Estate 05 - 15

What Car? reliability rating 59.1%

More than 50% of Passat owners reported a fault, and while the problem areas spanned most areas of the car, the most frequently cited were the brakes, exhaust and suspension, followed by the non-engine electrics and gearbox. Three-quarters of cars could still be driven and a small number were fixed for free, but some owners were landed with repair bills of more than £1500.

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2. Vauxhall Insignia 2008-2017

Vauxhall Insignia

What Car? reliability rating 58.3%

Although fewer Insignia owners reported a fault (37%), a shocking 22% of the issues related to the engine. Other frequently cited problem areas included the air conditioning, non-engine electrics, battery and brakes. Three-quarters of cars were still drivable and a small proportion were repaired for free, but other owners had to fork out more than £1500.  

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1. BMW 5 Series 2003-2010

BMW 5 Series (03 - 11)

What Car? Reliability Rating 56.4%

A hefty 47% of 5 Series owners reported at least one fault on their cars, with the engine and suspension the biggest areas of concern, accounting for 14% of faults each. There were also issues with the battery, exterior lights, exhaust and fuel system. Three-quarters of cars could still be driven and a small percentage were fixed for free, but quite a few owners faced repair bills in excess of £1500. 

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