Best and worst small SUVs for reliability

Small SUVs are the cars everyone wants to be seen in. Find out which are the most - and least - reliable models in our round-up...

14 February 2019
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Small SUVs are great for families. They're practical, roomy and generally affordable to own.

They're fashionable too, but you won't want people passing by as you sit at the roadside in a broken-down vehicle, so you need to choose a dependable model. 

That's where our 2018 Reliability Survey can help.

We asked more than 18,000 people to tell us about any faults their cars had suffered during the past 12 months. We asked for how long the problem kept the car off the road and how much they'd had to pay to get it fixed.

Those that had the least problems and were cheapest to fix gained the top scores, while those that languished in workshops for days on end and racked up expensive repair bills were penalised the most heavily.

Here's our round-up of the best and worst small SUVs aged one to four years old.

Audi Q2

10. Audi Q2

Score 91.0%

Nearly a third (29%) of Q2 owners said their car had suffered a fault, with the most commonly reported problems concerning the brakes and braking system. There were also issues with non-engine electrical systems, and a small percentage of owners told us about problems with engines, gearboxes and interior trim.

More than half of cars could still be driven and were fixed in less than a week and most repairs were done for free under warranty. 

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Mazda CX-3

9. Mazda CX-3

Score 91.5%

Slightly more (32%) CX-3s had a problem, and nearly a quarter of all complaints were about the air conditioning. A small percentage of owners also told us about issues with the engine, fuel system and suspension. Virtually all cars could still be driven, most were back on the road in less than a week and all were fixed under warranty. 

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Used Vauxhall Mokka X 16-present

8. Vauxhall Mokka X diesel

Score 92.3%

Almost 27% of diesel-engined Mokka Xs had a fault, according to owners, and two areas were the most frequently cited: the engine and bodywork. A smaller percentage of respondents mentioned problems with engine electrics and the wheels and tyres. Most cars remained driveable and were fixed the same day and all work was carried out under warranty. 

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