CES 2018: six star cars to watch out for

From self-driving pods to electric SUVs you'll be able to buy this year, here's our guide to the star cars on display at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas...

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The Consumer Electronics Show (or CES in short) in Las Vegas has become a stomping ground for vehicle manufacturers to show off their latest wares and the new technologies that will shape the cars of the future.

As well as attracting big-name car makers such as Hyundai and Kia, CES also acts as a platform for smaller manufacturers such as Fisker and even automotive suppliers to showcase their products.

Interestingly, almost every concept car on display at CES is either electric or features some kind of self-driving technology, showing how important these two areas will become in the coming years.

Click through this slideshow to see our pick of the best concept cars at CES – some of which you'll even be able to buy by the end of this year.