Euro NCAP's best-performing cars 2011

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Pete Barden
01 February 2012

Euro NCAP's best-performing cars 2011

Safety body Euro NCAP has revealed 2011's top-performing cars in its crash-test ratings.

Best by category
The following cars were named as category winners. They were all awarded a five-star crash-test rating, but also received high scores in each of Euro NCAP's four areas of assessment: adult protection, child protection, pedestrian protection and safety assist.

The top-achieving cars by category:

• Small 44 category: Audi Q3
• Supermini category: Chevrolet Aveo
• Small family category: Ford Focus
• Small MPV category: Mercedes-Benz B-Class
• Large family category: Volvo V60

Electric cars
Euro NCAP also carried out its first tests on electric cars. Electric cars are exposed to the same tests as conventionally powered counterparts, with additional attention paid to battery integrity after a crash.

The best-performing electric car tested was the Nissan Leaf, which was the first electric vehicle to receive the organisation's five-star overall rating.

Euro NCAP rewarded several car makers for safety technology that is not yet included in its rating scheme. The Ford Focus scored points for being offered with optional Active City Stop, Driver Alert Forward Alert and Lane Keeping Aid. The Mercedes B-Class and Volvo V60 were rewarded for Collision Prevention Assist and City Safety respectively; both are systems that brake the car automatically if a collision looks imminent.

The poorest result of the year was recorded by the Dascia Duster, which received a crash-test rating of just three stars.

Full Euro NCAP report
Read the full report for each category winner here: Audi Q3, Chevrolet Aveo, Ford Focus, Mercedes B-Class, Volvo V60.

More information Euro NCAP test can be found on at

Watch the top five cars' crash test videos

Small off-road 44 category:Watch the Audi Q3 video here

Supermini category: Watch the Chevrolet Aveo video here

Small Family category: Watch the Ford Focus video here

Small MPV category: Watch the Mercedes B-Class video here

Large Family category: Watch the Volvo V60 video here
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