Least reliable older large SUVs

A used large SUV may look like a tempting buy, but it'll be costly if it's prone to faults. We reveal the most dependable – and the ones to avoid...

Used Ford Kuga 2008-2013

2. Ford Kuga (2008-2011)

Ford Kuga

Reliability rating 81.9%

Kuga owners told us that 21% of their cars went wrong, and the exhaust, gearbox/clutch and suspension were the biggest causes for concern. Four out of five cars could still be driven, but 20% spent more than a week in the garage. A third of owners paid out less than £200, but the rest spent between £301 and £1500.

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1. Land Rover Discovery Sport (2014-present)

Land Rover Discovery Sport (2014 on) front three quarters

Reliability rating 51.4%

Land Rover’s poor reputation for reliability is backed up by the fact that 43% of Discovery Sport owners reported faults in nine of our 14 categories. The most common areas of complaint were the exhaust, brakes, non-engine electrics, followed by the air-con, engine, gearbox/clutch, interior trim, infotainment and steering.  

A quarter of the cars we were told about were undriveable and that 25% took more than a week to put right. Although a third were fixed for free, the rest cost £201 to £1500 or more.

Owner comment: “Although my car has never broken down, it’s had problems with the infotainment, which took weeks to resolve, and the gearbox."