Revealed: Most reliable used cars in the UK

We drill into our latest reliability to identify the most reliable used cars you can buy...

For anyone choosing a used car, reliability is key.Image 1 of 51

While new car buyers have the benefit of a decent warranty, this is less often true for used – and buying the wrong car can lead to hefty repair bills down the road, especially as cars get increasingly complex with more technology. 

Limiting the scope to models up to eight years old, What Car?’s Reliability Survey asked nearly 13,000 owners if their vehicle had experienced a fault in the past 12 months, what the type of fault was, how much it cost to repair and the amount of time the vehicle was off the road as result. From this data we gave each model a What Car? Reliability Rating, and the cars featured here are the 50 most reliable according to our data. As the UK re-opens a lot of people need an inexpensive car to get around, and these are the models to look at if you want an easy life.

We start and number 50 and work our way up to the most reliable used car you can buy - where does your next car appear?:

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