Star cars of the Munich Motor Show

A new electric SUV, the UK's cheapest seven-seater yet and a sub-£17,000 electric hatchback are among the new cars being revealed, which you'll soon be able to buy...

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If you want to see the new cars that will be coming to UK showrooms in the coming years, the Munich Motor Show is the place to go.

From small hatchbacks to SUVs, and from seven-seaters to sports cars, the show floor in Munich is packed with the latest models, and most of them share one theme – they're electric.

It's a sign of the times that you'll be hard-pushed to find anything with purely petrol or diesel power on display here. Instead, the show is proving that electric cars now come in more shapes and sizes, and with more power and range, than ever before.

Here we're taking a closer look at some of the star cars on show, so click through this slideshow to learn more about what's on display. The cars we've picked out for you are presented in alphabetical order.