The best and worst cars 2016

* 17,200 motorists polled * 104 models reviewed * 27 manufacturers tested...

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3 Jun 2010 6:1 | Last updated: 14 Jun 2018 0:3

Best cars

1 Lexus RX
Overall 86.7%
You can tell that a car's doing its job well when the downsides amount to a few complaints about the Bluetooth connectivity and cupholders.

RX owners were gushing about their cars, from the looks, space and the way it drives, to the comfort, controls and the courtesy of dealers.

Running costs widened the grins further, with fuel economy, the cost of repairs and the insurance bills all being considered more than acceptable.

An emphatic victory then, with a hat-trick coming in 2011 if the Lexus can repeat the feat.

2= Jaguar XF
Overall 83.9%
The XF's debut in the survey is a good one, as it leaps into the number two spot overall, thanks to a top score from owners in almost every area.

2= Lexus IS
Overall 83.9%
The IS has always made the top four, and this year is no exception. Quality, reliability and dealer service were its key strengths, say owners.

Best manufacturers

1 Lexus
Overall 84.6%
Lexus has taken top spot since it first featured in the survey, and this is the second year on the trot that it has also scooped best model.

It's no wonder: owners have nothing but praise for the overall quality of their cars, their reliability and the outstanding service from Lexus dealers.

2 Honda
Overall 82.5%
Honda is another regular strong performer and hasn't been outside the top five since 2002. Owners spoke highly of both their cars and dealer service.

3 Jaguar
Overall 81.8%
A great result for Jaguar. After years of creeping up the leaderboard, it has finally broken into the top three, ahead of Mercedes.

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Worst cars

102 Fiat Bravo
Overall 74.3%
Reliability is the real killer for the Bravo, but owners also rated the car below average in every area.

103 Peugeot 206
Overall 74.1%
The second year in a row that the 206 has come just one place from the bottom. High running costs and poor service from dealers are the key culprits.

104 Ford Ka
Overall 73.3%
Owners have had enough of the Ka's running costs, brakes, interior quality and space. The new Ford Ka should be included in next year's survey and has one thing going for it already: it can't do any worse.

Worst manufacturers

25 Suzuki
Overall 76.3%
This is Suzuki's worst ever performance not surprising giving the range of gripes owners had with their cars. It's a long way from the 16th place it managed in 2006.

26 Fiat
Overalls 76.1%
Fiat has always languished among the bottom five manufacturers in the survey it doesn't help that many so many owners complain about the quality and reliability of their cars.

27 Chevrolet
Overall 74.2%
The Matiz is the only individual Chevrolet in the survey, although other Chevrolets count towards the manufacturer's overall score. Known as Daewoo up to 2007, it has declined for many years to its worst placing yet.