The best cars

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The best cars

What Car? Which of your designs are you most pleased?

Walter de Silva When we presented the Audi A5, I said it was the best-looking car I had ever designed. That remains so to this day.

What Car? Which car are you most excited about going forward?

Walter de Silva An automobile designer responds to engineering challenges and to changes in society. People will no doubt expect us to make more smaller-sized cars in future, but also to come up with concepts for larger models that offer new dimensions in economy and green credentials. Personally, I am particularly attracted to the idea of developing smaller cars that are no less appealing than the larger ones.

What Car? Which design from another manufacturer/designer do you admire the most and why?

Walter de Silva Aston Martin. I admire its philosophy of coming up with modern designs that successfully steer the brands heritage into the future. Ever since its DB9, Aston Martin has adhered to an inspired design concept, and they have managed to further develop that concept with a remarkable degree of continuity.

What Car? What cars do you own?

Walter de Silva An Audi A5 Sportback and a Volkswagen Golf GTI. I also own a Fiat Cinquecento and a Fiat Panda the originals, of course because I have a lot of admiration for the brilliant concepts of these two cars.

What Car? What cars would you like to own?

Walter de Silva There are too many. Lets keep that in the realm of dreams.

What Car? If you could own one only, which would it be?

Walter de Silva Simple a Golf. A dark-blue one with a brown leather interior.