The best used cars for reliability - and the worst

We name the most dependable (and most troublesome) used cars from six to 15 years old, based on owners’ experiences.....

How dependable are cars as they get older? Image 1 of 21

Here’s what the owners of cars between five and 20 years of age have told us... Whether you’re buying a used car as a second family runabout or as a first car for a novice driver, the last thing you’ll want it to be is an unreliable money pit.

To help you choose a dependable older car, we conduct the What Car? Reliability Survey each year. In the latest survey, we obtained data from nearly 13,000 car owners. We asked them to tell us if their car had suffered a fault in the previous 12 months and, if so, which areas of the car were affected. In this story we’ll tell you about the most reliable car in each class – and the least.

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