Volvo XC60 gets new safety kit

* Available with Pedestrian Detection * Helps avoid collisions with pedestrians * New infotainment system also available...

Volvo XC60 gets new safety kit

Volvos XC60 crossover is now available with the Pedestrian Detection safety system that was first introduced on the new S60 and V60.

The system helps drivers detect potentially dangerous situations and can actively help to stop the car colliding with pedestrians.

Using a combination of radar and camera technology, it watches out for pedestrians in front of the car, and warns the driver to take avoiding action, if necessary. If the driver fails to respond and a collision becomes unavoidable, the car can automatically brake to minimise the impact, and potentially avoid it.

The same system will also operate if the vehicle in front is at a standstill. In certain situations, a collision may be avoided if the speed difference between the two vehicles is below 22mph.

The system is an option across the full XC60 range, and is available to order now, priced at 1350. However, it is also available as part of the Driver Support Pack, which includes Adaptive Cruise Control, Queue Assist, Collision Warning, Lane Departure Warning and Blind-Spot Information systems for a total cost of 1600.

In addition, XC60s with automatic transmission are also now available with Adaptive Cruise Control, which automatically helps maintain a pre-set gap to the vehicle in front, even in traffic.

New infotainment system
At the same time, the XC60 gets the same centre stack and range of audio units as recently introduced in the S60 and V60, and is available with a new infotainment system, again first seen in the S/V60.

This displays all the information from the stereo, sat-nav, mobile phone and other functions on a colour screen in the upper part of the centre console.

All the functions can be operated via buttons built into the steering wheel or controls positioned immediately below the colour screen.