Volvo XC60: new vs old compared

The new Volvo XC60 is a relaxing, rather than sporty, take on a prestige SUV. But how does it compare to its hugely popular predecessor?...

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Steve Huntingford
23 Jun 2016 14:40 | Last updated: 14 Jun 2018 0:3

Volvo XC60 new vs old – interior and equipment

Volvo XC60: new vs old compared

Volvo has traditionally offered airier-feeling interiors than its German rivals, and the new XC60 continues that tradition. True, the window line is moderatley higher now, but you still get lots of light and a good view.

The old XC60 was always one of the classier cars at its price point, and the new one moves things on again, with the materials and standard of finish absolutely first-class.

All models now get climate control, keyless start, cruise control, automatic lights and wipers and heated leather seats, so the only option you really need to add is metallic paint.

Volvo XC60 new vs old – infotainment

Volvo XC60: new vs old compared

While the dashboard of the old XC60 was covered with buttons, most functions in the new car are controlled through a large portrait touchscreen that you swipe, pinch and scroll, as you do with an iPad.

This makes life much easier when you're parked up, but it's rather fiddly and distracting to use on the move; flicking through its menus is harder than it would be if you had a supplementary controller and some shortcut buttons, as Audi and BMW give you.