What Car? readers assess VW Golf Estate

* New, practical VW Golf assessed * Comes with 605-litre boot and practical touches * On sale now, prices start at 17,915...

What Car? readers assess VW Golf Estate

The new Volkswagen Golf Estate is the biggest and most practical Golf yet, with 100 litres more space than the old model.

This new model now comes with a 605-litre luggage capacity that is only fractionally less than the class-best Skoda Octavia, and it adds a few practicality touches as well. Quick-release handles in the boot drop the rear seats to create a totally flat load bay, while a flat entry lip means loading larger items should be easy.

It also adds some extra specification compared to the hatchback Golf, with roof rails included as standard

However, Golf Estates of the past have been criticised for being a little boring in the looks department - see what the What Car? readers make of the new version.

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By Tom Webster