Best hybrid cars 2017 (and the ones to avoid)

Everyone from Toyota to Porsche sells hybrid cars these days, but which models should you consider and which should you avoid?

Words BySteve Huntingford

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Hybrid cars

Not so long ago, hybrids were the reserve of environmentally conscious school run mums, people living or working under the London congestion charge, and minicab drivers looking to save a bit of money on fuel.

However, with an ever-growing number of hybrids on the market, they are increasingly becoming a mainstream alternative to conventional petrol and diesel models.

Knowing which to consider and which to avoid can make the difference between a fuel-sipping investment and a costly mistake. So, here we count down the top 10 – and reveal the hybrids that are best to steer clear of.

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The best hybrid cars

10. Toyota Yaris Hybrid

No brand is more closely associated with hybrids than Toyota, the company behind that icon of green motoring, the Prius. However, a cheaper option is the Yaris Hybrid which combines small car nimbleness with hybrid efficiency. Generous standard equipment and a spacious and practical interior add further to the Yaris Hybrid’s appeal, while a plasticky dashboard and jittery ride count against it.

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9. Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV

Mitsubishi’s Outlander PHEV has been a staggering success in the UK, selling even better here than in its home market of Japan. It’s popularity is partly down to the fact it’s an SUV, and demand for those is sky-high; partly because it’s a plug-in hybrid, which means it qualifies for the government’s subsidy to buyers of electric cars; and partly because, unlike most hybrids, it’s no more expensive than the diesel alternative.

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8. Mercedes C-Class C300 h

Back in 2015, this Mercedes C-Class hybrid won a What Car? twin test against its closest rival, the Lexus IS300h. Despite Lexus’s huge experience in the world of hybrids, the C-Class’s ultra-low CO2 emissions of 94g/km give it lower running costs than the IS. The Mercedes also feels more agile than the Lexus and is plusher inside. It’s a very smart company car choice.

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