Ford Puma long-term test review: report 3

The Ford Puma is our favourite small SUV and 2020 Car of the Year, so we know it's terrific. Let's see if it lives up to those standards in everyday use...

Ford Puma long term

The car Ford Puma 1.0 Ecoboost Hybrid 155 ST-Line X Run by Allan Muir, managing editor

Why we’re running it To find out whether our 2020 Car of the Year is as well rounded in everyday use as it's cracked up to be

Needs to Be fun to drive, practical, comfortable and economical, offering something over and above a regular small hatchback

Mileage 1445 List price £24,420 Target Price £22,910 Price as tested £28,770 Test economy 39.8mpg 

19 October 2020 – Time flies when you're having fun

Ford has a reputation for making fine-handling cars, and the Puma is no exception. Considering that it’s a small SUV, not a sports car, it’s remarkably agile and fun to drive.

The steering is quick and ideally weighted – in other words, not too heavy or overly prone to self-centring – and the nose of the car arrows into corners so sharply that the rear end almost feels as though it wants to step out of line at times, although the stability control ensures that it never does. Yes, there’s some body lean to contend with, but punting the Puma along a winding B-road is far more rewarding than I’d ever have thought possible. In fact, I enjoy driving it even when I’m just nipping out to the supermarket. 

Ford Puma long term

On a related note, the ride on my sporty ST-Line X model is pretty well judged. Granted, there's some jostling at low speeds, but most of the time my car strikes a happy balance between compliance and control. I wouldn’t want it to be any firmer than it is now, though; based on my experiences with the Fiesta ST and Focus ST, I fear for the ride comfort of the upcoming sporty Puma ST. I hope I’m proved wrong. 

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