Lexus to show its new, greener RX450h

* 8% fuel saving on current model * 10% performance increase * On sale this summer...

Lexus to show its new, greener RX450h
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What Car? Staff
25 Feb 2009 12:17

The new, greener Lexus RX450h will be on display at next week's Geneva motor show.

The SUV, which goes on sale this summer, is powered by a 3.5-litre V6 petrol engine and an electric motor that combine to give 295bhp a 10% increase in performance on today's RX400h, but with an 8% fuel saving.

The V6 drives the front wheels, while the motor assists by powering the rears when needed.

Developments include exhaust-heat recovery to make the engine warm up to its most efficient operating temperature more quickly, and cooled exhaust gas recirculation to improve efficiency.

The hybrid has also been styled to look a little different from the petrol RX350, with a unique grille, badging, front bumper, wheels and blue-tinted lamp units.

The new RX is slightly larger than before, providing more space for up to five occupants. There are improved instruments and controls, with the option of a head-up display that beams essential information onto the windscreen in the driver's eyeline.

There's also a simpler sat-nav system that Lexus calls 'remote touch'. It even gives up-to-the-minute on-screen weather updates.

A wide-angle side-view camera, 10 airbags, a system to alert the driver to impending collisions and a hill-start function are other features new to the RX.

The new Lexus IS250C will also be at the Geneva show, before going on sale in the summer.

It has an all-aluminium folding roof that can be lowered in 20 seconds.
Power comes from a 205bhp 2.5-litre V6 petrol engine linked to a six-speed automatic gearbox.