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New Cupra Ateca vs used Jaguar F-Pace: verdict

The Cupra Ateca is a former What Car? Sports SUV of the Year, but is it a better buy than a used example of the larger and more luxurious Jaguar F-Pace S?...

Cupra Ateca front

New Cupra Ateca vs used Jaguar F-Pace – alternatives

New rivals, used rivals

We mentioned earlier that the Cupra Ateca had been knocked from its top spot as the best Sports SUV you can buy, and it was  the Volkswagen T-Roc R that did it. That car is admittedly, smaller and not quite as practical, but this only helps acceleration times; it gives you the same power in a lighter vehicle. Plus it's even sharper to drive with less body lean in corners.

New Cupra Ateca vs used Jaguar F-Pace rivals

The only other SUV that can challenge the F-Pace in the bends is the Porsche Macan. Think of it as a Cayman on stilts and you wouldn't be too far from the mark because it really can be made to hustle on a country road, yet it is still practical enough for family life. If you go for a Turbo badged model, it'll be even faster than the F-Pace, too.

New Cupra Ateca vs used Jaguar F-Pace – which is best?

Our verdict

We said it would be a hard choice picking between the two, and for the most part it is. The Cupra Ateca may not be the best Sports SUV right now, but it's still a compelling choice with a stonking performance, a practical interior with plenty of passenger room, agile handling and lots of standard equipment.

New Cupra Ateca vs used Jaguar F-Pace studio

But, the Jaguar F-Pace, particularly in supercharged 3.0-litre V6 S form, is just that little bit more polished to drive with a better balance between body control and ride comfort than the Ateca. It also has a far more exciting sounding engine tone and a much bigger boot, plus it's a lot cheaper, and that'll go some way to covering the extra fuel you'll use. 

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