The most stolen cars in the UK

As the number of cars stolen in the UK jumps by 10% in a year, we reveal the models most at risk...

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27 Sep 2016 08:20
The most stolen cars in the UK

SUVs remain the most popular type of vehicle for thieves, but prestige saloons aren't far behind, with the C-Class joining the bigger E-Class and BMW's 3 and 5 Series models in the top 10.

The most stolen cars in the UK

The most desirable verion of the 3 Series is the high performance M3, which features a twin-turbocharged, straight-six engine that produces 425bhp and gets it from 0-62mph in just 4.1sec.

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2. Range Rover Sport

The most stolen cars in the UK

Some rival luxury SUVs are faster and more fun to drive, but few are as comfortable or as refined as the Range Rover Sport, not to mention as desirable. Sadly, this makes it a magnet for thieves.

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