2021 Skoda Kodiaq large SUV revealed: price, specs and release date

Updated Skoda Kodiaq gets more safety kit, new interior options and a new engine for the sporty vRS model...

2021 Skoda Kodiaq front

On sale: Autumn 2021 | Price from: £29,000 (est)

The average Brit was going to the gym five times a week a couple of years ago, contributing to an industry which, in the UK alone, is worth more than £27 billion. Whether it’s buying an age-defying facial scrub or losing a few pounds on the treadmill, then, looking your best is important. That brings us neatly on to the Skoda Kodiaq, which has been given a discreet nip and tuck to help it keep pace with a growing number of large SUV rivals.

Changes on the outside are limited to a new front grille and standard LED headlights, with more powerful matrix LED headlights – which can adjust their pattern to avoid dazzling oncoming drivers without you having to do anything – available as an option. There are also new front and rear bumpers and a more aerodynamic wheel design.

2021 Skoda Kodiaq rear

Inside, you’ll find more ambient lighting than you would in the current Kodiaq, plus massaging leather seats on the options list. Alternatively, if you like to live green, a new Eco seat made of vegan recycled materials is available on SE and SE L trim levels. For those wanting to make the most of their music, an upgraded stereo by Canton is available as an option.

Safety kit has also been enhanced, with a new Crew Protect Assist system that can close the car’s side windows and tighten the seatbelts if its radar detects that a rear-end collision is about to happen.

2021 Skoda Kodiaq interior

The regular Kodiaq’s engine line-up is unchanged, and our preference is likely to remain the 148bhp 1.5-litre petrol, which offers good performance for most situations and only needs to be worked hard when you’ve filled all seven seats, or have a full boot.

We say the regular Kodiaq, because the sporty Kodiaq vRS has been treated to a new 2.0-litre turbocharged petrol engine, which replaces the diesel engine in the old car. The new unit develops 241bhp – a full 5bhp more than the old engine – and is connected to a new seven-speed automatic gearbox. Performance figures have not yet been revealed, but we would expect this new version to at least match the 0-62mph sprint time of 7.0sec in the previous Kodiaq vRS.

2021 Skoda Kodiaq rear seats

Likewise, no prices have been revealed for this updated Kodiaq, but like your gym membership, we’d expect it to have gone up since last you checked. Indeed, a starting price of around £29,000 is likely. That means the Kodiaq will be roughly in line with the Peugeot 5008 and a comparative bargain next to the class-leading Kia Sorento.

It’s worth noting, too, that Skoda routinely offers generous discounts, and buyers can save up to £4419 on the current Kodiaq using our free New Car Buying service at the time of writing.

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