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Car of the Year Awards 2022: Best large electric car interior

Whatever their flavour, the best large electric cars have the range, comfort and performance to cover long distances without a murmur, plus the space and practicality to act as sole transport...

Best large electric car interior

BMW i4 eDrive40 M Sport (Pro Package)

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When it comes to classy interiors, BMW has proven time and again that it just gets it. The BMW i4 is the latest to carry that legacy, seating you comfortably in a spot-on driving position and surrounding you with high-quality materials that are put together with near-unmatched precision.

The interior design may be a tad conventional next to a Tesla Model 3’s, but that’s no bad thing. Instead, it feels familiar and leaves you free to just get on with driving the i4 – something that’s good fun, whether you’re on a country road or wafting around town in near-silence.

BMW i4 2021 interior dashboard

The presence of BMW’s traditional rotary infotainment controller is as welcome as always, only this time everything is displayed on a wide, curved screen that also houses a digital instrument panel. The graphics are pin-sharp and everything is logically laid out, once again showing why BMW leads the way in infotainment.

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