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Car of the Year Awards 2022: Large Electric Car of the Year

More than 4.5 metres long, the best large electric cars have the range, comfort, performance and practicality to act as your sole transport...

WINNER: Large Electric Car of the Year

Tesla Model 3 Long Range

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Whether it’s electric cars (EVs) or building rockets that can land themselves, sometimes coming at things from a different angle is the best way to break new ground. The Tesla Model 3 is a perfect example of this, throwing the established rulebook on how to build a car out of the window and then coming up with its own.

After all, can you imagine a time when you can play video games or watch Netflix on an Audi’s infotainment system? Or being given a choice of comical sounds for a BMW’s horn to make when you press it? Gimmicky, we know, but good examples of how the Model 3 is almost as much about entertainment as it is getting you from A to B.

Tesla Model 3 interior

Even so, the Model 3 Long Range’s biggest strength is making life with an EV easier, staving off range anxiety with an official range of 360 miles. That’s around 30 miles more than you’ll get from a Polestar 2 and 60 miles more than the Hyundai Ioniq 5. What’s more, when you do need a top-up, you have access to Tesla’s reliable Supercharger network for stress-free charging.

Plugging into one of these units can charge the battery from 10-80% in around half an hour – the time it takes to grab a coffee and have a quick comfort break. The icing on the cake is that it doesn’t require you to download an app or even get your card out; it simply charges your account at a rate of around 28p per kilowatt hour – less than many other EV drivers pay at public charging stations.

Efficiency aside, plant your right foot and the Model 3 is also breathtakingly quick, rocketing you from 0-60mph in 4.2sec. That’s only a split second slower than the far pricier BMW M3 Competition and Porsche Taycan 4S, both of which are full-on performance cars.

Tesla Model 3 2022 side

You don’t just get point-and-shoot performance, though; the Model 3 handles well by EV standards, with plenty of grip, and while the ride is firmer than that of some rivals, it’s controlled through corners. And when you’re cruising on the motorway, it has some of the best semi-autonomous driving technology on the market, continually updated over the air to give it extra abilities.

To top it all off, the Model 3 is surprisingly practical (despite being a saloon) – swallowing 10 carry-on suitcases in our tests in its two boots – and has one of the best Euro NCAP safety ratings of any modern car.

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