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Car of the Year Awards 2023: Best large electric car for long distances

More than 4.5 metres long, the best large electric cars have the range, comfort, performance and practicality to act as your sole transport...

Best electric car for long distances

Mercedes EQE 350 AMG Line Premium

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While you have to sacrifice some range for the Volkswagen ID Buzz’s distinctive shape, this isn’t an issue in the Mercedes EQE. This luxury saloon is so slippery through the air that it can go farther between charges than almost any other electric car on sale – not just the ID Buzz, but also the far pricier BMW i7 and every Tesla available in the UK. And that’s despite having a smaller battery than the i7 (which means you’ll spend less time waiting for it to charge on long journeys).

Mercedes EQE interior dashboard

The EQE also impresses with a plush ride and low levels of wind and road noise on the motorway. Less admirable is the quality of the interior; the cheaper BMW i4 feels much more solid inside. The EQE isn’t particularly practical, either, with restricted rear seat space and a narrow boot opening. But if range and ride comfort are priorities, and you don’t have a six-figure sum to spend, it’s unrivalled.

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