New Peugeot 5008 vs used Land Rover Discovery Sport: which is best?

A two-year-old Land Rover Discovery Sport costs the same as a brand new Peugeot 5008, but which offers better value?...

New Peugeot 5008 vs used Land Rover Discovery Sport: which is best?

If you’re shopping for a new seven-seater at the moment, chances are your head has been turned by the glut of new seven-seat SUVs that have been hitting the market lately, which combine the oh-so-popular SUV stance with a spacious interior that allows you to carry seven people.

Of these, one of the best is the new Peugeot 5008. It’s particularly good inside, with an interior that matches flexible seating to a stylish, high-quality dashboard and comfortable seats. But on the outside, too, the 5008 is a bit of a head-turner, and with low CO2 emissions, it’s cheap to run.

The thing is, for the same price as a new 5008, you could have the cachet of a Land Rover badge. Granted, you’ll have to buy used – but if you’re prepared to do so, a Land Rover Discovery Sport could be yours for no more than the cost of the Peugeot. Tempted? Read on to find out whether buying new or used makes the most sense for you.

Peugeot 5008 1.2 PureTech 130 Allure List Price: £26,295 Target price: £25,088 Official fuel economy: 55.4mpg Emissions: 117g/km CO2 Power: 128bhp 0-62mph: 10.9sec Top speed: 117mph

Land Rover Discovery Sport 2.0 TD4 180 SE Price new: £32,665 Price today: £25,000 Official fuel economy: 53.3mpg Emissions: 139g/km CO2 Power: 178bhp 0-62mph: 9.4sec Top speed: 117mph

Price today is based on a 2015 model with average mileage and a full service history

New Peugeot 5008 vs used Land Rover Discovery Sport – styling

New Peugeot 5008 vs used Land Rover Discovery Sport: which is best?

The 5008 builds on the neat looks of its smaller sibling, the 3008, with a very similar front end treatment that makes it look imposing and aggressive in the rear-view mirror. Sadly, it’s less well-resolved as you move further back, with a series of complex swage lines and an awkwardly upright tail that's necessary to ensure there’s enough space for the third row of seats in the rear.

It’s more likely, then, that it’ll be the Land Rover Discovery Sport that tugs at your heartstrings the most. Its nose is less imposing but still manages to look purposeful, while the side profile and tail end are far more cohesive than those of the 5008. What’s more, with strong whiffs of the more upmarket Range Rover about it, the Discovery Sport undoubtedly carries the more desirable image of the two cars.

New Peugeot 5008 vs used Land Rover Discovery Sport – driving

New Peugeot 5008 vs used Land Rover Discovery Sport: which is best?

Both of these cars place their emphasis on comfort rather than sporty handling, but of the two, it’s the 5008 that’s the softest, soaking up bumps admirably whether you’re driving around town or out on the open road. The Discovery Sport does a fine job on the motorway, but at slower speeds it becomes a little less forgiving, picking up expansion joints and worn surfaces. The problem is exacerbated if the car you’re buying has had larger wheels fitted as an optional extra.

In corners, however, the Discovery Sport provides better traction in this form, because it has four-wheel drive – the 5008 has front-wheel drive, no matter which model you choose, and also offers less grip, which means it tends to push its nose wide earlier through corners. If you ever need to do any serious off-roading, that difference will come into sharp focus, for the Discovery Sport will keep going long after the 5008 has got stuck.

The 5008 fights back with the impressive performance on offer from its 1.2-litre petrol engine. Granted, it’s not quite as powerful or as quick as the Discovery Sport on paper, but it’s responsive and free-revving, and serves up what poke it does have in a useful and responsive way. That contrasts with the Discovery Sport, whose 2.0-litre diesel feels rather leisurely – and, when paired with the six-speed manual gearbox, lacking in flexibility.

The petrol engine in the 5008 is also quieter than the Discovery Sport’s diesel, contributing to the overall sense of splendid isolation you get in the Peugeot. By dint of the Land Rover’s engine being a diesel, there's also more vibration through the steering wheel and pedals.

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New Peugeot 5008 vs used Land Rover Discovery Sport: which is best?