New Peugeot 5008 vs used Land Rover Discovery Sport: which is best?

A two-year-old Land Rover Discovery Sport costs the same as a brand new Peugeot 5008, but which offers better value?...

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Alex Robbins
2 Jan 2017 08:00

New Peugeot 5008 vs used Land Rover Discovery Sport – interior & equipment

New Peugeot 5008 vs used Land Rover Discovery Sport: which is best?

In times gone by, you’d never have expected a Peugeot to hold a candle to the build quality of a Land Rover. But times have changed, and these days the 5008’s beautifully made interior is more than a match for the Discovery Sport's. In fact, with its dense, high-quality plastics, stylish design and standard, configurable LCD screen in place of the dials, the 5008 actually feels more special.

That said, it isn’t quite as easy to use. The Discovery Sport’s layout is very straightforward, with physical switches for some key systems which the 5008 buries within the touchscreen menus. The Land Rover’s dials will also be easier to read for some drivers; you view them conventionally, through the steering wheel, whereas the Peugeot’s sit atop the dashboard, which means they’ll be obscured for some shorter drivers by the smaller steering wheel.

The 5008 is, however, the better-equipped of the two cars. With this Allure trim, you get dual-zone climate control, rear parking sensors, automatic lights and wipers, cruise control, sat-nav, front and rear parking sensors, a rear-view camera, privacy glass and 18in alloy wheels, plus a huge suite of safety kit.

By contrast, the Discovery in SE specification does without sat-nav, but you do at least get part-leather upholstery, heated front seats, a heated windscreen, rear parking sensors, cruise control, controls on the steering wheel and dual-zone climate control. You could, of course, upgrade to an SE Tech or an HSE to get sat-nav and a bit more kit, but of course you’ll have to pay more for this than you would for the 5008.

New Peugeot 5008 vs used Land Rover Discovery Sport – space & practicality

New Peugeot 5008 vs used Land Rover Discovery Sport: which is best?

Interior space is really the 5008’s trump card, and, it could be argued, where its slightly more awkward styling pays off.

Up front, both cars are much of a muchness, but in the middle row of seats the differences start to show. The 5008 features three individual seats, whereas the middle passenger in the Discovery Sport will have to make do with a raised perch in the middle of the bench.

Things worsen for Discovery Sport passengers in the rearmost row, where the seats are barely big enough to take two adults and it’s a real squeeze to gain access. Access isn’t the easiest thing in the world in the 5008, but it’s better, and once in there’s actually room for adults to sit, although admittedly they wouldn’t want to spend too much time back there.

What’s more, the 5008’s boot is simply enormous and, more importantly, a sensible shape, too, with no wheel arch intrusions. You can also slide the rearmost seats to vary the amount of space on offer, and the rear two rows fold flat, too.

The Discovery Sport’s boot is smaller than the 5008’s and it isn’t quite as well shaped, but it’s still big enough for most people’s needs. Its seating isn’t quite as flexible as the 5008’s, though – you can only fold the seats down.

New Peugeot 5008 vs used Land Rover Discovery Sport: which is best?

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