Peugeot unveils possible rival for Juke

* Supermini-sized HR1 concept aimed at young city dwellers * New three-cylinder engine averages 81mpg and emits 80g/km CO2 * Hybrid4 technology allows zero emissions and four-wheel drive...

Peugeot unveils possible rival for Juke

No sooner has Nissan launched the Juke than potential rivals start appearing and this is Peugeots: the HR1 concept.

Launched at the Paris Motor Show, the HR1 is described by the company as a model that combines a city car, coupe and SUV in one vehicle. It is aimed at active young city dwellers smitten with design and innovation.

At 3.67 metres, the concept sits between the existing 107 and 207 superminis in size. Its two scissor doors help driver and passengers get in and out in tight spaces, while the raised ride height not only gives greater ground clearance, it also allows a higher driving position.

The styling of the HR1 follows on from the SR1 concept that was unveiled at the Geneva Show earlier this year. According to the company, it is athletic, powerful and dynamic, while the shape of the roof is reminiscent of the RCZ coupes double bubble, which is designed to give more rear headroom.

Inside, the car has a high-tech feel, with electroluminescent diodes on the console between the driver and passenger, a small steering wheel and a head-up display on the windscreen.

The audio, sat-nav and air-conditioning are all controlled by a movement recognition system. This allows the driver to scroll through the relevant menus by moving his hand, and without touching anything.

The concept has four seats, and while the boot is small with every seat upright, each of the two rear seats will fold flat into the floor to leave up to 734 litres.

Under the bonnet is the first in a new family of three-cylinder engines that Peugeot is developing. This 1.2-litre petrol unit produces 110bhp, but in combination with Peugeots Hybrid4 technology which mates the conventional engine to an electric motor, allowing everything from zero-emission all-electric operation to combined power and four-wheel drive it averages 81mpg and emits just 80g/km CO2.

While Peugeot makes no secret of the fact that this engine will eventually go into production, there is no clear word on whether the HR1 as it stands will go into production.

All Peugeot will say is that, by developing the design themes introduced on the SR1, the car may well give some pointers towards how small models from Peugeot will look in the coming years.