The best and worst electric cars

Electric cars are growing in popularity, and no wonder: the best are quiet, cheap to run and smooth to drive. But which are the bright sparks to consider – and which are the loose connections?...

Jaguar I-Pace front and side
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10 Nov 2019 11:00

4. Jaguar I-Pace

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The I-Pace SUV is Jaguar’s first electric car, and can drive for more than 250 miles between charges. It can also be charged to 80% of capacity in just 90 minutes, and its futuristic interior features two 12.0in screens and another 5.5in screen for climate settings. Add in fun handling, and it's a very appealing option.

Renault Zoe front three quarters

The Zoe’s main strength is that it feels like a conventional, stylish, nippy small car, and just happens to cost pennies to run. The electric motor has enough shove for the Zoe to lead the charge away from traffic lights, and its interior has room for four to sit in reasonable comfort – although a Volkswagen e-Golf will be better for longer journeys. Even the boot is larger than you’ll find in many regular small cars; it's easily big enough for a family's weekly shopping. It can go up to 233 miles between charges according to official figures, too.

Kia e-Niro front

The e-Niro banishes range anxiety with a real-world range of 253 miles; not many drivers will want to do more than that in a day. It's also well equipped, plus it has strong acceleration and more room for passengers and luggage than similarly-priced rivals. All those attributes, combined with very competitive pricing, helped make it our 2019 Car of the Year.

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